The Parnassia Collection is characterized by gilt bronze narrative mantel clocks of truly exquisite quality from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The private collection includes themes such as the fall of Troy and the history of Rome, gods and heroes, Egypt, animals, allegories, the city, and leisure time. Produced by the finest bronze makers such as Pierre Philippe Thomire (1751-1843), Jean-Simon Deverberie (1764- 1824) and Claude Galle (1759-1815) this collection reflects the quality and taste of the golden age of French decorative arts. Similar clocks are housed in royal collections and in museums such as the Louvre (Paris), Palazzo Pitti (Florence), Victoria & Albert Museum (London) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York). In May 2022, an oeuvre catalogue will be published with the French title Une Odyssée en Pendules, Chefs-d’oeuvre de la Collection Parnassia, written by art historian Jean-Dominique Augarde. The catalogue will be published in French and English.

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Ambassador: Janny van der Heyden 


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